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Saint Luke’s Hospital is part of the Saint Luke’s Hospital Group, providing top quality medical care to the local community in Los Cabos for more than 12 years.


The hospital has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and the surgeons have been carefully selected from some of the best surgeons in Mexico, all board certified with specialty licenses in their field of expertise.


Saint Luke’s is committed to being the premier hospital group for health care and medical tourism in Mexico.

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Dental implant supported dentures are an excellent treatment option for patients who seek how to eliminated the disadvantages associated with wearing traditional dentures.


A dental implant supported denture is recommended when a person is missing all teeth in the jaw. The patient needs to have sufficient bone in the jaw to support the dental implants. The denture stays in place using special attachments that allow the denture to snap into place over the dental implants. The removable denture is usually made of a custom fabricated acrylic base that will look like gingival tissue, and the teeth can be made of porcelain or acrylic and will look very natural. The denture will require a minimum of 2 dental implants to give proper support and to make it secure and comfortable, and in some instances the surgeon may recommend to have 4 implants in the upper jaw, to make it more secure and give added support.


The dental specialists at Saint Luke's Dental Center use advanced state of the art equipment and the latest technology to provide top quality implant anchored dentures at the most affordable prices. The implants and custom made dentures at Saint Luke's are less than half what it costs in the United States.

Implant Anchored Dentures

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*Price includes the cost of consultations, titanium dental implants, temporary dental plate during the healing process, and the final dental plate.


We offer the following options:


    Dentures secured to 2 implants for the upper jaw, and 2 implants for the lower jaw

    Dentures secured to 4 implants for the upper jaw, and 2 implants for the lower jaw

    Dentures secured to 4 implants for the upper jaw, and 4 implants for the lower jaw



The prime location for the dental implants is in the front of the mouth, the reason is that there is generally more bone present in this area for dental implants. For more detailed information about the procedure for placement of dental implants, go to the section under Dental Implants. The time schedule for dental implant can take 4-6 months for the implants to anchor and fuse with the bone, and then another 3-4 months to complete the process before the final dental plate is fitted.


A one-stage procedure is now sometimes used, and in this procedure the dentist places mini implants and the denture all at the same visit. With the latest advances in technology, the success rate of this procedure is high, and the cost is lower. For more information about the use of mini implants go to the section under Dental Implants. The dentist at Saint Luke's Hospital can advise if you are a suitable candidate for this type of procedure.


Mini dental implants are for patients who already have dentures but have difficulty with their loose fitting dentures. This procedure involves a short process that locks the loose dentures into place. The implants are small and because of their size more people will qualify for this option. After installation of the mini dental implants, the top of the implants will easily snap into the metal housing of the dentures. The dentures can be removed for cleaning and are easily attached for a tight fit.



As with most medical procedures there are risks associated with getting dental implants. The following are the most common risks and complications:


Reaction to anesthetic or medication, bleeding, infection of implant site, structural injury or damage near implant site, nerve damage, tingling or numbness of the lips, teeth, gums or chin, and sinus problems.


Please note that this information should be used only as a guide to your treatment. All specifics will be discussed with the surgeon at your consultation.



The Dental Center at Saint Luke’s offer dentists and their patient state-of-the-art dental imagery with 3D CT scans for the diagnosis and treatment planning for orthodontics, implantology, oral surgery, prosthodontics, and more. The 3D CT scan gives a volumetric image of the teeth and jaws, and provides more accurate and predictable results with enhanced patient safety. Click images to enlarge

Saint Luke's is the Largest Private Hospital Group in Los Cabos, Mexico, with state-of-the-art facilities in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.


Saint Luke’s is the No. 1 Hospital Group for Medical Tourism in Los Cabos.

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For more information about 3D CT scan technology, contact Dr. Luis Carlos Ramirez Mata or our dental technicians by using the attached ‘Ask a Question’ form.

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