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Face Lift


Donna J. — Cabo San Lucas

I recently had a full face lift including upper and lower eyelids in Cabo San Lucas. Dr. Arie Dorenbaum exceeded my expectations before, during, and after the surgery. He and his professional assistant as well as his amazing anesthesiologist went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and confident about the procedure, and even came to my home the following morning to remove my helmet! Where else on earth would a surgeon do a house call? It was a beautiful experience. I just turned 58 without all the sagging and bagging that were weighing me down! I highly recommend the experience and Dr. Dorenbaum to anyone fortunate enough to have access to his services.



Lifestyle Lift


Maxine T. — Vancouver, Canada

Love, love, love the final results of my lifestyle lift. It was everything that Dr. Dorenbaum said it would be — a refreshed look without appearing overstretched. Even the surgical scars are imperceptible. Dr. Dorenbaum is truly a gifted surgeon, surgical facilities were excellent and pre and post-surgical care was wonderful. I was particularly impressed with the personal care and attention that he extended to me including a home visit! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Dorenbaum and his team.



Face Lift


Lora — USA

It has been almost 15 months since you did surgery on my upper eyes and lower face/chin lift. It has been amazing ....most old friends who I see just comment on how incredible I look but my friends who know what we did say that I just looked "refreshed" and younger. Thank you so much for all that you did for me!



Face/Neck Lift


Cheryl — Tuscon, Arizona

I would definitely recommend Dr. Miguelangelo Gonzales. The price quoted is much lower than anything in the US. I had a face lift done with Dr. Gonzales about 13 year ago. He did a wonderful job. Now I am getting ready to have a neck lift and mini face lift treatment. Reviewed 14 July 2014.



Lifestyle Lift


Sharon A. — Phoenix Arizona

A group of us went and we were delighted with the results. Dr. Gonzalez is a very skilled surgeon. His stitches are as fine as feathers. He is a world class surgeon!!! We highly recommend him.



Hip Replacement


John M. Brandt — Oregon

I have been coming down to Cabo during the winters for the past 18 years. It's about time Cabo gets a Hospital that knows what they are doing and how to treat you. I was in a car accident here and had to have my entire hip replaced because it was shattered and could not be fixed. They gave me the option to be flown back to San Diego for surgery or they could handle it here. My neighborhood has many Americans and a few expert Doctors that live here. I asked them to check out the hospital for me because I didn't want to go back stateside. After a tour of everything including the operating room I received many thumbs up from my Doctor friends and had the operation. It went great they handled everything, the insurance billing, and all of my needs. Long story short I am on the mend and I have nothing but good things to say about Mario Trejo Becerril, Dr. Jose Francisco Serrano and all of the Doctors and nurses and staff that made my stay there comforting so far from home.





Sue C. — Westlake Village, California

While vacationing in Cabo San Lucas my friend fell on an uneven sidewalk, broke her left knee cap in 3 places and a small bone in her right foot. We were transported to the hospital and what a blessing that turned out to be. The hospital was state-of-the-art, spotlessly clean and the doctors were wonderful, caring experts in trauma medicine. Due to the complications of getting my friend back home for the surgery, she opted to have the surgery in Cabo. It was a big decision to make but it worked out better than we could have ever hoped. On returning home, my friend's orthopedic doctor said the surgery and care received were perfect. We thank the doctors and staff at this hospital for their expert care, and most of all, for their patience and compassion for four senior women facing trauma in a foreign country.



Travel Insurance


Cheryl Lockhart

On Feb. 21, 2014 I broke my ankle and was taken to thr Hospital by my friend and I can't say enough about the treatment I received. I had surgery that evening and everyone was very professional, so helpful and even supplied me with humor making me very comfortable about going into surgery. I give 2 thumbs up to the whole experience. I would also suggest that you have travel insurance for such occasions when you are traveling to Mexico even if it's for a week. Things went very smooth and I'm happy for the experience. You always hear the bad stories and I just wanted to share my GOOD story with you.



General Surgery


Rita T — Ireland

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody concerned, especially my male nurse, for such wonderful care and attention.
I am now back home in Ireland & today had my stitches removed, my wound has healed perfect, and a new x-Ray has revealed all good.
Thanks to the expertise of your staff, I am recovering well. Please thank each one for me.


Matt M. — USA

I sincerely appreciate your effort in working with me & my insurance company. Based on my experience with you & my stay as a patient there, I have told other potential travelers to Cabo that Saint Luke's is the best hospital to visit if they ever need to do so. Thanks again very much!


Ariel B. — Canada

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help these past few months and for making my medical experience a fantastic one. I would also like to extend a special thank you to all the members of Saint Luke's that assisted in my surgery and recovery. You are all a team of great professionals and I would return for future medical attention. All the best. Ariel.


Mike Mc. — USA

Trina and I had an excellent experience with her surgery. The staff was able to take a very worried couple in a medical emergency very far from home, and make them relax and feel comfortable with the care they were given. We received outstanding medical care with obviously very skilled medical professionals. We also received devoted medical attention that helped Trina through the ordeal. Please tell everyone involved that Trina has made a 100% recovery, and has no negative outcomes from the surgery. Since being home from our trip we have told everyone our crazy story about having to have an appendectomy while on vacation, and how fantastic the whole experience ended up being.



Lance N. — Cabo San Lucas

During the pregnancy, my wife and I toured the various hospitals in the area. Mario Trejo gave us a personal tour of the new hospital. We were the most impressed with the new facilities at St. Luke's. We checked with our doctor and she was also happy with St. Luke's. Months later when our baby was due, my wife had to have an emergency cesarean due to some complications. Our baby Susie was born without incident. We were very comfortable at the hospital. The surgery room was immaculate, the staff were professional and obviously qualified. The nurses and others who attended us in recovery for the next couple days were also professional and pleasant. The staff treated us like royalty. We would recommend this hospital to anyone. It is modern, clean and well managed.



General Medicine


Carlos F — Mexico

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Nunez at Saint Luke's Hospital for the kind attention and concern he bestowed on me last Monday. I was seriously worried about my condition. However, his positive attitude and professional demeanor put my mind at ease. His diagnosis and prescribed treatment were accurately made and helped me get back to normality. Dr. Nunez should be commended for a job well done.



Mayo Y. — Scottsdale

My husband and I moved to Cabo in July of 2013, from Scottsdale AZ, and a friend referred us to this Hospital in downtown Cabo. Two weeks ago I went there, became a member, and I am so glad I did! Dr. Serrano is the most professional and thorough Doctor I have had in years. I shared my sore throat with my husband of course, now a very happy member, and best of all my mother-in-law flew in from Canada to visit and was able to see Dr. Serrano as well. We are extremely pleased and consider ourselves lucky to be members.



Keith S. — Canada

Thank you very much Saint Luke's Medical Center for your outstanding customer service, now I know why your clinic enjoys such an outstanding reputation. Your doctors and administrative staff are truly professional and caring individuals. St. Luke's is a credit to the community.



Michele R. — California

Hello, this is Michele from Santa Cruz California. You performed surgery on my leg on my birthday in Cabo. I just wanted to let everyone know I am doing just fine. My leg is almost healed. The doctors here say you did a wonderful job! I just wanted to thank you again for everything. You all took such good care of me. Please let the staff know I am doing great! Next time we are in Cabo will stop in and say hello! Take care.



Kris S. — USA

I’m writing to let you know what an incredible employee Brizza is at St. Luke’s in San Jose del Cabo. On July 14, 2014 my daughter, Kayley Kerner and I along with my sister, Barbara Wallace, were hit by a bus in San Jose del Cabo and taken by ambulance to St. Luke’s. During this time of shock and trauma Brizza helped us get through it all. She went above and beyond, helping me get a hold of insurance companies and even letting me use her personal cell phone to make Mexican phone calls when my Canadian cell phone wouldn’t work. Her patience, kindness and caring helped us get through it all.


I have never, not in Canada nor anywhere else, had this kind of service and kindness extended to me by a stranger.


Brizza is a treasure, you are very lucky to have her...and so were we.



Medical Services


Kathryn G — Canada

From the intake in emergency to the attentive inpatient care to the wholesome food and especially the numerous and collective medical specialists advising and conferring on my situation; the care at Saint Luke’s Hospital, San Jose del Cabo was exemplary. Also the administrative & other support to my husband was very personable and professional.

I will summarize my situation as one of nausea/vomiting, moderate dehydration, various infections, leading to lithium toxicity (a medication which I have been taking for over ten years).

As an architect and administrative healthcare professional for most of my career (executive director of planning & design Alberta Health Services), 1 can say with knowledge that I would not have received this high leve! of attention and care in a Canadian hospital, including our local hospital in lnvermere .

1 would like to especially mention Dr. Arturo Cota, medica! director, who suggested the involvement of Dr. Gabriela Santos, internist & neurologist. Together, the multidisciplinary team of specialist physicians determined the course of care. The extended communication with Dr. Santos even following my discharge was very much appreciated lt is also important to mention the nursing & technical support staff which cared for me with professionalism and attention - Juan Jose, David, and the two lovely ladies.

The manner in which your team of professionals worked together was seamless and magical. 1 am doing well and am very thankful.

Finally, a few comments on your facility - lt is very efficiently planned from a space perspective and the patient room is well appointed. 1 would have enjoyed a ful! tour but perhaps next time we visit San Jose del Cabo.



Melissa S. — Cabo San Lucas

For the first time since I've been to Mexico, I finally feel good about using medical services in Cabo. I was always worried that if something happened to me I would not be sure of who to trust, if they could understand me, if the medical procedures would be taken care of thoroughly and accurately, etc. I toured this brand new facility for a few hours and was thoroughly impressed with the cleanliness, English-speaking doctors and staff, the innovative patient rooms, the complete surgery operation rooms, the café lounge for family/friends, etc. I am so comfortable with this facility that I plan on using it for my entire pregnancy and birthing process next year. How perfect that this brand new hospital is one block away from Marina Sol!



Kristin — USA

Thank you for the excellent, personable and caring professional service during our medical needs. The staff went above and beyond routine care and we appreciate the personal attention to our needs. Thank you for going the extra mile and your utmost honesty and kindness.



Cheryl B, Canada

Hello Dr. Cortes

I promised I would keep you advised of my progress following your care at Saint Lukes Medical Centre and the subsequent surgery on my right arm following my accident in the ocean during our vacation near San Jose del Cabo last month.

I'm happy to report that my arm is coming along very well.  The incision is healing nicely with no complications.  I saw Dr. Jonathan Chaney, Orthopedic Surgeon, for a second follow-up appointment today.  After my first visit, March 3rd, he wanted the arm to heal a bit more prior to physio but today provided me with a Rx for progressive ROM and strengthening of my R shoulder and elbow, to commence March 23rd.

Thank you once again for your attention and expertise while your patient.  You made what could have been a very serious situation manageable and I am thankful to have been in your professional and compassionate care. I am also thankful for the assistance of your staff at Saint Lukes and have conveyed to family, friends and acquaintances the quality of care I received from you and everyone associated with my accident.

We hope to vacation near San Jose del Cabo again at some time in the years to come...at which time I will seriously consider activities more fitting of a 65 year old, so as not to bother you!     With deepest appreciation.



Giselle & Jorge Chavarría — Costa Rica

Good morning Mr. Mario Trejo.

I receive our cordial health from Costa Rica. We hope you are well.

After our trip to Los Cabos a couple of weeks ago, which was a wonderful experience despite the health problems of my wife Giselle, we would like to thank you again for the incredible care you gave us in the hospital.

We can say that it was a very satisfactory experience in the sense of disposition, service and treatment of all the staff from the visit and assistance at the hotel, transfer by ambulance, emergency entrance, stay in the room, until departure. In the whole process we felt very well taken care of, they were very careful, they helped us in everything that was within their reach so that we felt relieved and comfortable, especially my wife.

We found the facilities and room very clean, the highly human and very professional nurses with a great sense of care and service, the very careful radiology staff as well and the administrative staff who provided everything we needed with absolute efficiency, including coordination with April company of our travel insurance. We have never before received a hospital service as pleasant, professional and efficient as Saint Luke's. The food for my wife very good and the communication with the doctors very clear and concise.

We are extremely grateful because the whole process and the team of professionals made a big difference in the improvement and recovery of my wife.

My wife states that at all times she felt calm, at ease, very well attended and that helped her to finally feel happy and in a pleasant environment despite being affected by health, since the hospital staff is not only professional but also warm and very human. This makes us have a very good concept of Saint Luke's Hospital. Now my wife feels much better and little by little she has incorporated to her daily activities. Even after having returned to our country, the administrative staff gave us their help to obtain some documents that we still require and they did it with great diligence and responsibility.

A special thanks to Brizza, Guadalupe and the doctors. They are excellent professionals and admire how they perform their work! May God reward them in health and work.

Our idea is to return to Los Cabos again with our son. If we succeed, we will gladly go and greet them. A thousand blessings!

A hug to the distance and if at any time someone plans to visit our country, please let us know. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

P.S. I am grateful to share this message with all the hospital staff and the restaurant boys.

Best regards.

Giselle & Jorge Chavarría



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